I can’t stop time. It keeps marching, generally right across my face.

I can, however, make some quiet promises to myself going forward. Things I want to change, develop, spend time and focus on, and the like.

I want to grow my heart some more. 2021 saw my truly break free of old frameworks for how love works, how the heart beats, where my energy flow goes. I met, and am still in the process of meeting, lovely men, some of whom have drawn even closer to me, taking up space both in my mind and in my heart, in ways that have enhanced my humanhood. Next year, I want to take those deeper, find out what makes them so special to me, and in the process, hopefully, foster a connection that’s as strong for them as it is and has been for me.

I don’t have any hard/fast resolutions for 2022.

I tend to set those around my birthday, my personal New Year, and keep them close to the breast. They’re my little personal birthday gifts to myself.

Perhaps the thing I really want to focus on, outwardly, is fostering a sense of safety and power that emanates out into the world. I’ve enjoyed finding my own center, my own gravity, from which to grow. The central core of my self provides me with a stability these days, unlike any I’ve ever known. I want to share that power, that calm, with those who need it. Social media, social situations, spaces where others are navigating the wilderness, all of these are areas I could show up, be present, and offer a wide furry chest and strong arms. More and more, it seems that kind of energy is needed out there.

In the meantime, whatever shows up as a challenge to be dealt with in 2022 is where I’m headed.

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