The Dad Bod

The human body is full of variety. Genetic expression, coupled with nutrition, environmental variation, and energy expenditure, all amalgamate to form a shape that is unique and deeply personal.

The Dad Bod is one of those fluid, ever-shifting body type definitions. For some, it’s based on an amount of visible body fat, and how the clothes hang off the body. For others, it’s more of an energy, a flow from the person who’s body it’s coming from; powerful, comfortable, snuggable.

I tend to be somewhere in that realm. I find myself often wondering if I’ll ever be stone-cut and firm in all of my squishy parts. Then, like I’d asked for some sort of answer to the question, I’m reminded that the body I have, lumps and scars and all, is built the way it is for a purpose, and it brings pleasure to those who want to get close.

How do you define “Dad Bod?” What does that term evoke in you?