Old Joy

My oldest best friend was in town the other week, and wow, did I need to see him.

Thirty-Nine years.

That’s how long we’ve known each other. It’s fucking wild, right? Who has friends that long???

Fact is, this man is a Foundational Person for me. He saved my ass more times than he knows. I was from a shitty home, stuck in a shitty situation, and he was always there to bring me out of it, to give me respite, to make me laugh, to make me think.

I was his Best Man in his wedding. He was the last person I came out to because I was afraid of ruining our friendship. I’d been lusting after him for years, truth be told. It was all so embarassing.

I wanted to touch his ass all of my life.

He came out four years ago. I’ve since touched his ass. And it was the loveliest moment I could have ever asked for. Make friends like these. Old ones. The ones who stick around.