Shifting Gears

I put down the alcohol for a while. As of today, I’m nineteen days sober. It’s not anything to write home about, but it’s also not nothing. I realized, nineteen day ago, that my time and energy and money doesn’t need to be spent at the bars. Nor do I require alcohol to make me feel some kind of way in the presence of other gay man. In fact, I make more of an ass of myself liquored up than I do in real-time, and that’s the damn truth.

I might not be drinking booze, but that doesn’t mean
I won’t still pop into my favorite locals to shoot the shit.

In that clarity, I’ve also made more choices.

I’m done with the job I currently have. I know, I’m forty-fucking-four years old, and now isn’t the time to be messing around with my career and that’s unstable talk and yadda yadda boomer bullshit whatever. I’m done with what I do, and am seeking a change. So? I’ve begun to learn the ins and outs of being a nutrition coach. I’m also, once the books arrive, beginning my certification to be a personal trainer.

Your Dad here spends a fuck-load of time at the gym already. I’ve been at it for nearly five years now, and while I might not have the body of some Damned God or whatever, I know what I’m doing in that Hall of Iron. I know what moves do what things, how to work for leanness or bulking, and the benefits of a cardio finish, even on leg day. So why not throw my hat out there and see if I can help someone else with this, for money. Dad’s gonna hustle a bit, if it can possibly lead to some goddamned freedom with my life and how I make a living.

I’m still working on a business name, but ”Lone Wolf Fitness & Nutrition” kinda hits.

I haven’t been this fucking into something in a long-ass time. The more bullshit that gets thrown at me at my current job, the more fired up I am to do this thing. Wish me luck, or at least pay attention. Shit’s happening around here, and it’s getting so much better.