It’s so bizarre to me.

I turn Forty-Five in a couple of months.

I have wondered what that would mean for me for a very long time. It’s not like I expected to live forever, but the idea that half of my life has passed, and half of my life is ahead of me, feels pretty damned significant.

And I’m certain I’ll be doing more reflecting and thought-processing, so hang tight.

Here’s what I know so far:

I have so much more to do in this life. I get caught up in the daily struggles, the week-to-week, the relevance, the validity, and all the rest, that time seems to slip through my fingers at a break-neck speed these days. I need to slow down, pause, and find a way to be present with myself and my existence far more often.

Capitalism will kill us all, and by the time we realize it’s coming for us, it’s already too late. Do the thing, do it as soon as you can, on whatever budget you can muster, and find that Joy because you only really get one shot.

Health and vitality are accessible to anyone at any age, and anyone who tells you otherwise is a damned liar.

Get the dog. Adopt the cat. Pet the horse. Animals and familiars are a huge boost to everything and all things, and worth every second of time that you get to share with them.

Don’t waste time on petty bullshit. If Dad has *any* advice to anyone at all anywhere, it’s this. Stop the drama where it starts, clear the decks, make better choices, and all the rest. You are literally wasting time with it otherwise.

Look for the Beauty. It’s right there, in front of you. Sense it with all of your being.

Fall in love as many times as possible, with as many people as possible. Be that guy or gal. Embrace your affectionate side. The world could use a LOT more lovers like us.