I swear I’m not neglecting…

It’s just been very day-to-day around here.

David and I are growing ever-closer day by day.

Coaching is growing and forming a shape and rhythm of it’s own. I’m tentatively still at the health club, but honestly, I’m considering leaving there and focusing full-time on my online coaching. the $400/mo that I’m getting from my time down there is still keeping us fed a bit, though, so it’s a bit premature to give up on that. Plus, the New Year approaches, and it will certainly be an experience to have that energy while at a gym, if only to see how it all feels. I just don’t know what to expect.

I have learned, though, in these past six months, that I cannot rely on anyone else but myself for stability and comfort. I have had to cut ties with my former coach and mentor because our trajectories just stopped aligning.

Full story: he didn’t like that I’m also running my own OnlyFans page, and making income with my body and the love that I share with David.

It still stings, a bit, if I’m honest, but I know it will pass.

Dad’s gonna do his thing over here, and that’s that.

And if that means giving you all more of the Dad you’ve come to know and love, then so be it. I feel more alive than ever, and while I still have so much work to do on myself, I feel like I’ve been growing in exponential ways that would have been unheard of even a few short months ago.