On the Mountain

I cleared my own calendar on Wednesday.

Things at home, and at work, had been demanding so much space, so much energy, that I could feel myself spinning out of control. I needed grounding and stability, and a break from it all. I needed to get out of signal, out of touch, and find myself a good pace among trees and rocks and flowers.

I needed the mountain. She was calling to me.

Mount Hood stands prominent in my life as a person who lives in Portland, Oregon. The distant stratovolcano is a sense of place and vulnerability to me, where at any moment, she could blow her top, but at the same time, beckons me with every glance I take towards her, to come and be among her crags and rocks and trails and paths. I love it up there, on her various outcroppings and vista points. I love the smell, the sound, the feel of the ground beneath my feet on her slopes.

The hike was exactly what I needed to find my footing. Decisions about my current situation, my future steps, and how I feel about the direction of my life, were made. The shape of my heart, who occupies it, the level of energy I devote to them, and to myself, were all brought into balance for a while. I shed some tears as my mind relaxed and my body was in motion, and it felt like a much-needed release.

I have some major changes to make in my life, especially with regards to how I earn my living, and how I interact with those around me, and I need to be brave enough to believe in myself. It’s the same bravery I engage every time I tackle a trail up there, with loose stone and steep cliffs, and opportunities to become injured or killed at every juncture. If I can tackle these trails with confidence and agility, surely I can face down the challenges in my life ahead of me that require the same skills.

Another Weekender

This summer, my husband and I are going to return to the Gorge Amphitheater for our third visit.

We have a shared love and enjoyment of all things Anjunabeats, a record label and recording studio out of the UK, and they are returning to one of our favorite venues this summer for a three-day event that is sure to be a nice break in our hum-drum and boring.

Above & Beyond are a group of EDM producers that I’ve come to lean heavily into for both music that transports me out of my mind, and a vibration that reverberates in my body. Them, along with the other artists that work with them under Anjunabeats and Anjunadeep have become the soundtrack to most of my life over the last decade-plus. Click through and check out their sites, and snag some of the sound.

Daddy has a thing for Progressive Trance, especially when it goes deep.

Here’s some photos from our last couple of visits. We can’t wait to get back.